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The Super Substitute Difference

There is an important distinction between a substitute and a “super substitute”. In the absence of a regular school teacher, a substitute has the critically important job of providing continued, comprehensive education to the students in that classroom. While a regular substitute may meet the minimum requirements to supervise that classroom’s students, a super substitute goes above and beyond to be an effective educator and a valuable member of your district team.

Super substitutes are highly qualified, extensively trained, well prepared, and supported by the district they work in. These attributes produce more a confident and capable substitute, as well as more effective learning days for your students. Super substitutes also understand your district’s community and work in your schools more frequently, filling absences more often than regular substitutes


Substitute Efficiency and the Nationwide Teacher Shortage

As the teacher shortage impacts school districts across the nation, districts are forced to face the reality that the shortage is only becoming worse. As the number of individuals pursuing the teaching profession decreases, the demand for super substitute teachers to fill vacancies increases. As there are fewer substitute teacher candidates available, districts must find ways to increase their substitute efficiency.

ESS | Source4Teachers examines years of data and trends in education, providing you with the best possible remedies for your district.  For more information on how your district can beat the national teacher shortage, download the industry guide, Could “Substitute Efficiency” be the answer to the Nationwide Teacher Shortage?  


ESS | Source4Teachers Can Help

For 17 years, ESS | Source4Teachers has been a leader in education staffing and management across the country. Our team has established super substitute programs in more than 400 school districts in 15 states, and our program continues to expand every day. For more information on how ESS | Source4Teachers can help your district, please visit ESS.com.

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